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The Skills Channel

Nominated for a Wharton Star 2016, Awarded with the Wynand Wijnen Education Award 2014.

The goal of this project was to find and combine online platforms that could help us centralize, manage and efficientize the process of giving feedback to students. Finding a way to give tailored feedback to each student interested in understanding their assignments and performing them well has been one of the corner stones of our course for many years, and it falls in line with other policies we have adopted therein. One such policy is for instance, the Khan Academy-inspired concept of mastery learning, which we translated in giving our students the opportunity to retake assignments, as repetition has proven to be of the essence for the acquisition of skills. For this reason, our idea was to create a system that would help students understand their assignments in spite of a somewhat abstract level necessary for this specific international batch, and keep their confidence and perseverance levels high, by showing the commitment of their tutors to giving them constant feedback. This system came to life through our vlogging idea (You ask we vlog).

To add to this, we created Skillscasts that would show students what the course is about, offering them a knowledge map and an overview of what they need to expect out of the course.

What is more, the creation of the channel gave us the idea of making videos of professionals actually speaking about their own skills, and the skills necessary on specific job markets. We filmed 2 Skills@Work videos on location, meaning that we took our student-assistants and went to do the filming in Brussels, to give students a glimpse into how the skills they are trained in during the course can match the needs on the European labor market they are preparing themselves for.

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