SPOC's in Finance Education

Finance Video Class: Wynand Wijnen Award 2013

Institutions of higher education face the challenge of increasing the number of university graduates prepared for a competitive labor force at the same time that they reduce costs and generate more revenue. To increase class size without hiring more instructors, many universities have embraced technological aspects of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Yet, evaluations of MOOCs reveal high participant dropout rates due to a range of emotional issues not taken into account in the design and implementation of these courses. In response, we have experimented with a different application of MOOC technology, namely small private online courses coined SPOCs. SPOC’s fit the educational approach of Problem Based learning as they are an integral part of the curriculum and foster engagement and personal and flexible education.

Within a high stakes finance course with over 1.500 students enrolled, we implemented of a SPOC. The SPOC significantly reduced student test-anxiety and increased academic performance. The project was awarded with the Wynand Wijnen Award 2013 for an outstanding contribution to education. Findings of this project, relevant other educators who want to effectively address student emotions when incorporating MOOC-technologies in large on-campus courses, are published in:

Noteborn & Garcia, 2016, Turning MOOCS Around: Increasing Undergraduate Academic Performance by Reducing Test-Anxiety in a Flipped Classroom Setting. Read More

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